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Day 5: Sunshine and Chicken Biscuits

My house is all quiet except for the sounds of my fingers tippy tapping on my laptop and for the rain that's hitting my roof.

It's another wet day out there today. Well, to be fair, it started off really nice. Clear blue skies with just a small dot of a cloud here and there. The sun was shining so bright I had to wear my sunglasses while I was driving. Couple my sunglasses with my face mask that I always wear when out and about now-a-days and I looked totally bad ass!

This morning I "met" my sister for breakfast. Well, she and I didn't actually meet. She lives 4-5 hours away from me and, as much as I would love to be able to just see her in person whenever I want, it's just not happening any time soon.

She and I are super close. We talk every day for about an hour or so. On the weekends we sometimes talk several times a day. But, I digress....

Besides talking on the phone all the time, we have this tradition of having a meal together every now and then. It could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Heck, on occasion when we've both had the munchies we've even gone out for a snack together. We connect our phones to our bluetooth earpieces, go through a drive thru at about the same time, and then we sit in our cars eating our meal while chatting. It's almost as if we're sitting right across from each other even though we're really hundreds of miles away from one another.

This morning we did breakfast. We both went to our local Chickfila, ordered our breakfast on the app for car side pickup, and then we donned our face masks (and me with my sunglasses - it was raining at her place) when the CFA employee brought out our bags. No exchanging money, no one unnecessarily touching our credit cards, and very limited personal closeness. Like I told my sister, they get to keep their germs and I get to keep my germs.

And... it was great! CFA chicken biscuit and hash browns are the absolute best! Seriously, I wish they would serve them all day long. But, then again, maybe it's a good thing they don't. If they did, I would probably add several pounds to my waistline. This morning my sister and I got to have breakfast together (as much as we could), chatted, and we supported a local business during this tough time. Overall I think it was a win-win!

So, after breakfast, I ran to the grocery store to do some shopping. I was relieved to see that the shelves seemed to be stocked up a little more than they have been. There are definitely bare spots, but for the most part whole aisles weren't bare like they were. Although, the hot ticket items (e.g. toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, hand soap, hand wipes, and hand sanitizer) were still out of stock.

But I got most of what I needed. No peanut M&Ms and no CF Diet Pepsi though. Now that was disappointing because I've been craving M&Ms for this whole past week and my Diet Pepsi in my frig has really gone down. But that's okay (Not really but what can you do?!). "I will survive!!"

[Let's all take a moment to mentally jam out to Gloria Gaynor's totally kick ass song....]

Now that I'm done doing a little shimmy in my desk chair, I think I'll jump in the shower before the next round of thunderstorms come through. Then I think I'll read my Kindle for a little bit before calling it an early night.

8:15 p.m. - 2020-05-15


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